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International Journal of Advanced Studies and Research in Africa is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed international journal published from Canada. The journal has been established since January 2010 on a firm foundation of International Quality Research. This Journal encompasses all branches of human, life and applied sciences and their sub – disciplines. Hence the target audience is made up of academicians and practitioners scientists with peripheral or focused interests in science in Africa. All papers are peer-reviewed and newly selected panels of international referees have been appointed to ensure that the process must be done rapidly and to the highest standards. Articles submitted for publication should strictly adhere to the following:
- Provide original work which is not published elsewhere in any medium by the authors or anyone else, and is not under consideration for publication in any other medium.
- Format should be as in the Dummy Article Template File
- Article should be written either in English or in French language, in an easily readable style, and should be submitted to: editor.ijasra@africascience.org