Abstracting & Indexing
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Published by Africa science in collaboration with the laboratory of sustainability – the University of Montreal

Edited by: Blaise Nguendo Yongsi

Print ISSN: 1920-8693
Online ISSN: 1920-860X
Frequency: Two times a year

A dedicated IJASRA indexing team is working to include International Journal of Advanced Studies in Africa (IJASRA) in reputed indexing services or journal evaluation services. We strongly encourage authors to take more informed decision before submission of any manuscript. In order to help the authors to take 'more informed decision' and to substantiate our claims, we are providing web-links/proofs beside most of our claims of indexing or journal evaluation services. Authors should visit the official site of the indexing organization or journal evaluation services before submitting any manuscript. We hope authors will appreciate our efforts to maintain integrity and transparency.

ISI Impact factor: No young journal, even published by the top most publishers, can have ISI impact factor in first three years of operation. As per the rules of ISI, any new journal may get its first impact factor after two years of operation (See more information in this regard at the official web page of ISI or in wikipedia). We will be officially applying for ISI indexing of our journal by following the strict rules of ISI. We are expecting our first Impact Factor after the evaluation.