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Published by Africa science in collaboration with the laboratory of sustainability – the University of Montreal

Edited by: Blaise Nguendo Yongsi

Print ISSN: 1920-8693
Online ISSN: 1920-860X
Frequency: Two times a year

Advertising on Africa Science is an effective means of promoting your message or product to an international audience of decision makers and opinion leaders


  • Banner advertising on Africa Science and IJASRA
  • e-alert


  • Reach relevant scientific audiences within over 1 million downloads per day
  • geographical targeting of audience


  • generate leads/traffic
  • delivery of metrics and monitoring of campaign in order to track, optimize and make changes in real time
  • branding and awareness

Online advertisement specifications

The following specifications must be adhered to:

  • Screen size: 220 pixels wide x 40 pixels high
  • File format: Interlaced, non-transparent, gif (name must end in '.gif')
  • File size: 20k maximum (ideally, less than 10k)
  • Bit depth: 5-bit color maximum
  • ALT Text: A very short (less than 5 words) description of the ad for people who have image-loading turned off or are using a browser that doesn't display images.
  • NOTE on animated gifs: They must not loop at all. They must play one time and then stop. Keep in mind that for browsers that do not support animated gifs, only the first or last frame will be displayed.
  • All creatives must be approved and tested before a promotion can begin
  • Creatives must be received by Traffic & Campaign Management 5 business days before the promotion launch date
  • Animations should run for shorter than three loops or 30 seconds
  • All ads with a white background must include a colored border
  • Flash creatives should use Click-Tag instead of Click-Through
  • When submitting rich media, an alternate .gif is required
  • Expandable or "Out of Banner" Rich Media creatives must be click initiated
  • Expandable or "Out of Banner" Rich Media creatives must be no larger than twice the banner size
  • Audio ads must be user initiated and are subject to editorial approval


Black-and-white: 500 CDN $ for 1 insertion or 400 CDN $ each for 4 insertions within 12 months.

Two-colour: 600 CDN $ for 1 insertion, or 500 CDN $ each for 4 consecutive insertions.

Four-colour: 850 CDN $ for 1 insertion, or 700 CDN $ each for 4 consecutive insertions.

5% discount for agents or publishers.

Contact details

IJASRA – Nguendo Yongsi
22, Ebby Avenue
Brampton, Ontario
L6Z 3S9 – Canada

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.