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Published by Africa science in collaboration with the laboratory of sustainability – the University of Montreal

Edited by: Blaise Nguendo Yongsi

Print ISSN: 1920-8693
Online ISSN: 1920-860X
Frequency: Two times a year


Material published in International Journal of Advanced Studies and Research in Africa (IJASRA) is covered by copyright. All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be reproduced (see exception below), stored in a retrieval system, translated, or transmitted in any form or by any means now or hereafter known, electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from the publisher, IJASRA.

The copyright owner consents that copies of articles may be made for personal or internal use, or for the personal or internal use of specific clients such as students or conference participants.

Before submitting a permission request to photocopy, use extracts or otherwise reproduce our copyrighted material please ensure that the material you wish to reproduce belongs to AfricaScience and is not credited to another source. If the latter, there will be a credit line in the acknowledgement pages, footnotes, captions, or lists of figures and tables. If the material is credited to another source, you should direct your request to that other party and not to AfricaScience.

Republication Requests

Authors reusing their own material

Authors have permission to do the following after their article has been published in AfricaScience or IJASRA, either in print or online as a First Edition Paper:

  • Present the work orally in its entirety.
  • Use the article in theses and/or dissertation.
  • Reproduce the article for use in courses the author is teaching. If the author is employed by an academic institution, that institution may also reproduce the article for course teaching.
  • Distribute photocopies of the article to colleagues, but only for noncommercial purposes.
  • Reuse figures and tables created by the author in future works.
  • Post a copy of the article on the author's personal website, departmental website, and/or the university intranet. A hyperlink to the article on the Blood website must be included.

The author must include the following citation when citing material that appeared in the print edition:

"This research was originally published in or International Journal of Advanced Studies and Research in Africa. Author(s). Title. Int. J. Adv. Stud. Res. Africa Year; Vol (issue):pp-pp. © AfricaScience."

Authors reusing their own material in the above ways do not need to contact AfricaScience for permission. For all other uses, the author must request permission from AfriacScience by submitting a completed Permission Request Form Permissions request form.

Authors whose work will be reused should be notified. AfricaScience cannot supply original artwork. Use of AfricaScience material must not imply any endorsement by AfricaScience.

All others wishing to use material

For all others individuals wishing to use material, a written permission to republish any parts of works owned by AfriacScience must be obtained prior to usage. To do so, please submit a completed Permissions request form.

Translation Rights

IJASRA permits IJASRAarticles to be translated into foreign languages, which can be reprinted for distribution. Please see our terms and conditions below.

  • Nothing may be added to or deleted from the original text, figures, references or editorial notes.
  • No product advertising or company logos will be permitted in foreign language reprints. No content that was not originally published as part of the article may be printed together with the article as one printed piece. A tracking number for inventory purposes may be printed on the back of the reprints, but nowhere else.
  • IJASRA reserves the right to inspect the content and the packaging for the foreign language edition of the IJASRA article prior to distribution.
  • The following disclaimer must be included on the back of all translated reprints. The disclaimer must appear in English, as well as in the language of the reprint.

"©IJAARA,2010. Reprinted with permission form the IJASRA, which does not endorse any particular uses of this document. IJASRA is not responsible for the completeness or the accuracy of the translation. "

Reproducing IJASRA Material

To reproduce IJASRA published material, products and services in publications for sale, commercial teaching materials or commercial websites, you should obtain permission first. For your convenience, a standard form for applying for journal permissions is provided. Please complete the Permissions request form and send us your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Copyright of a third party

The permission to reproduce ijasra protected material does not extend to any material whose copyright is identified as belonging to a third party. Authorization to reproduce such material must be obtained from the copyright holders concerned.