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Published by Africa science in collaboration with the laboratory of sustainability – the University of Montreal

Edited by: Blaise Nguendo Yongsi

Print ISSN: 1920-8693
Online ISSN: 1920-860X
Frequency: Two times a year

The International Journal of Advanced Studies in Africa is published thrice a year, Spring, Summer and Winter by Africa Science. Its ISSN is 1920-860X (electronic) and 1920-8693 (paper. Its content is accessible on You can subscribe/Renew The International Journal of Advanced Studies in Africa any time. Subscription/Renewal will be considered on Calendar year basis. You should send your subscription/renewal order with the following information:

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    Blaise Nguendo yongsi
    22, Ebby Avenue
    Brampton, Ontario, L6Z 3S9
  • Via E.mail on the following e.mail: editor.ijasra@gmail

The subscription rates are as follows:

Annual Subscription The Americas Europe (euro zone) Developing World Rest of World
Institutional: Online Only $265 €234 $133 $361
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